Where to Set the Bar

on March 1, 2015 in Musings

Although I’m happy to just be a worker bee, today I attended STOP Training for Supervisors.  STOP stands for Safety Training Observation Program and teaches how 100% of accidents are preventable.  If you see an unsafe act, such as someone not wearing protective eyewear, not saying something is the same thing as saying it’s okay.  “The highest level of safety performance you can expect from your employees is based on your minimum standards.”

While the topic was safety, these words hit a different chord in me.

Why do we often only do the bare minimum?  Imagine how much we would accomplish if we went an extra step in everything we do.

  • Clipping coupons?  Cut out the pet coupons and drop them at a nearby shelter.
  • Making a donation?  Round up to the nearest $5.
  • Sweeping your driveway?  Do your neighbor’s driveway too.

Seeing our progress gives us a sense of accomplishment.  Sometimes our extra efforts don’t seem to make a difference.  But when we look back, we often wish we had done more.

  • Writing for an hour each morning?  Set the timer for an extra ten minutes.
  • Exercising?  Do one more set.
  • Pay more than the minimum payment on your credit cards.

It’s okay if you don’t want to do it for yourself.  Our extra efforts can mean a lot to other people.  You may be surprised at how you’ll benefit when doing something simple for someone else.

  • Smile at everyone you pass.
  • Thank your mail carrier.
  • Talk to the grocery cashier and the kid bagging your groceries too.

The highest level of performance you can expect from yourself is based on your minimum standards.  It’s time to raise the bar

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