The $35 Wife

The $35 Wife

The $35 Wife

The $35 Wife is my domestic violence survival story.

Pregnant at seventeen, I left home in search of unconditional love. My new friends belonged to the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism), playfully creating the Middle Ages. But to some, it was more than a game, more than just a fun hobby for weekends and the occasional out of town event.

I found myself living among this group of self-proclaimed Modern Day Vikings, led by a powerful man who demanded respect and obedience. For a mere $35, I belonged to him.


The $35 Wife is more than just a story of survival.  Follow me on my journey to discover my self-worth.


Autographed copies are available for $15.  Please include your name in the Note section of the PayPal check out page.

The $35 Wife is now available on Amazon.

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