Get Over It

on March 9, 2012 in Musings

I was really starting to feel guilty about not blogging for so long.  Family drama, work stress, school deadlines… It all seemed to be more than I could handle.  The final straw was taking two days off work to devote to writing, but having to run errands and then take care of my husband who got food poisoning.  I really felt like life was conspiring against me; a pity party was in the planning stage.

So I sat down and really thought about it.

On February 11th, my husband and I rode in the Arizona Centennial Bike Ride.  We were along side my best friend and her husband, and another friend was further back in line with her husband.  It was an amazing event, with 5000+ motorcycles thundering into downtown Phoenix.  I am proud to have been a part of it.  Everyone there was extremely friendly and accepting of everyone else.  Just normal people with a common love, riding together to show our Arizona Pride!

One of the most precious memories I made this day was watching a big biker with a scraggly beard help a little Canadian woman sit on his motorcycle so her husband could take her picture.  She was probably in her early 80s and this biker treated her with respect and honor.  She kept saying she was sorry she had been afraid of ‘bikers’ for so long!  After the Kodak moment was captured, several other men and women almost fought to have her get her picture taken on their bikes too!  Big bad bikers, huh?  I know the truth.  I was there.

During February’s Scottsdale Society of Women Writers meeting, I got up and gave a progress report on my memoir.  No one had to push me this time.  I was ready and I wanted to share my news with my writing peers.  As I walked up to the microphone, I heard a friend tell the woman sitting next to her, “I just love this lady.”  What a confidence boost!

The trophy and blue ribbon say BEST SPEAKER and the purple ribbon and IceBreaker gum are for completing my first speech!

This past Wednesday, March 7th, I gave my first real speech at Toastmasters.  The Ice Breaker.  I was nervous, but thankful that I was surrounded by this new group of friends who support each other in their pursuit of confident and competent public speaking.  I received a stack of evaluations that are filled with positive words and encouragement, as well as useful tips.  Everyone in the group has been there themselves.  I was even voted Best Speaker and got a trophy and a ribbon to keep until our next meeting.

The first Toastmasters meeting I went to was an open house and everyone greeted me enthusiastically.  I really thought they were being fake, for the sake of the open house.  But, I had done my research and I knew that Toastmasters could and would help me develop the skills to properly pitch my book when I meet with an agent.  I was willing to take a chance because my life-long ambition was on the line.  The meeting was a little on the cheesy side.  The Toastmaster opened the meeting by banging a gavel, and closed the meeting the same way.  Speakers shook hands with the Toastmaster when stepping up to the podium, and again when they were finished speaking.  Someone rang a bell anytime an “um” or an “ah” was spoken.

I am happy to admit that my first impression of Toastmasters was very wrong.  The truth about Toastmasters is that everyone is actually happy to meet a potential new member, because they know that they can and will grow together in the group.  The day before I gave my Ice Breaker speech, I received more than a dozen emails offering encouragement and support.  My group stood up and applauded me when I was finished.  I knew I had made a few mistakes, which was proven when my abundant use of “Ah” and “Um” earned of the “Wizard of Ah’s” award.  It was truly an eye-opening experience and I cannot wait until I give my next speech!

As I sat thinking about the happy moments of the past few weeks, the bad memories had already begun to fade.

Today, March 9th, is Get Over It Day.  While originally intended to help heartbroken lovers get over breakups, it has developed into something more. Check out the website here.

I am now proud to say that I am over

  • being unfriended on Facebook
  • feeling depressed because I can’t fix everything
  • being excluded by some of the people at work
  • trying to impress people who don’t have anything nice to say
  • being judged
  • trying to be SuperMom and do everything

Life is too short to worry about what other people think about me.  In fact, what they think about me is none of my business.  I am proud to be me.  I have many things to be thankful for and I’m going to focus my energy on my goals instead of worrying about things I cannot change.

Have a beautiful day.  I’m going to.

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