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We made it (not that I ever doubted it; I had too much planned for this year)! I just love new beginnings and January 1st fills me with energy and motivation. I started a new Gratitude Journal, and I’m rapidly filling my planner with goals of various sizes and deadlines.

The recent holidays were filled with unexpected twists and turns.  Tim continues to have intractable hiccups, lasting between 2 and 48 hours at a time.  Before Christmas, we were in the ER again as his prescribed medications weren’t offering any relief.  A chest x-ray revealed he had pneumonia and we stayed in the hospital for a few days while he hiccuped and received IV antibiotics.  Our girls were beyond wonderful, staying with Tim while I ran home to shower and change my clothes, and keeping the critters fed while we were away.  When we finally came home (after I caught a bug that turned into pneumonia of my own), the girls kept taking care of us, running errands and cooking.  We are still not back to our healthy selves, but we’re getting there.

When I’m sick, I like to escape into other worlds.  Usually I read, but pneumonia does funny things to a person’s head.  Fortunately, my sweet husband bought me the Harry Potter movie set for Christmas.  It’s so much easier to forget what troubles you when you’re immersed in a good story.  You don’t have to be physically sick to enjoy a short vacation from the real world.  I recommend such an escape for anyone feeling depressed, overwhelmed, or just plain tired.

Back to the real world now.  As usual, I’m not going to make New Year’s resolutions.  I prefer Christine Kane’s way of choosing a word to guide my path.  Due to being sick, I haven’t chosen my word yet… but the main contenders are:

  • Now
  • Progress
  • Completion
  • Satisfaction

Hmmm… I need to peruse my list of goals for this year again and decide where I need the most guidance.  But first, I have to go back to work today.

Have a beautiful day!

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