Excuse me, but do you have the time?

on September 8, 2013 in Musings


We only get so many hours on this earth.  And of those hours, we cannot control how we spend a great portion of them.

A while back, I mapped out two days of my time. I wanted to know exactly where my time was going.  From the hours at the computer to the minutes I spent brushing my teeth and feeding the dogs, I sure looked important on paper.  But I couldn’t easily see where I could gain more time.

Sleep seemed to take up the biggest blocks.  Since my happy hysterectomy, I’ve been sleeping six to eight hours most nights.  And, I’m taking at least two hours each day to sit in front of the TV or curl up with a book and enjoy myself.  I’m done with school, so there haven’t been any late nights spent rushing to complete assignments at the last minute.

Even with my decreased activity level and with the increased sleep, I’m still tired more often than I would like.  The amount of sleep I get does not correlate with the amount of energy I have.  Without the energy, I work more slowly, taking more time.  Here we are again.  I must just need more time.

So, I started today by asking myself, “What could I give up to make more time?”  I deleted some of the games I used to distract myself.  Candy Crush was the first to go.  I was stuck at level 165, and while my friends may say I quit because some of them passed me, I know the truth.  The only way to advance was to spend more time in the game.  Try and try again.  Five lives at a time.

There it is.

Time Spirals



Spiraling out of my life.

Because of the decisions I make.

What I need isn’t more time, it’s more discipline.  Motivation gets me started.  That’s never been the problem.  I am inspired.  I am motivated.  Staying on task… that’s where I go wrong.  I start everything… and finish nothing.

We’ve all heard that the first step of any journey is the hardest.  But the last step is just as important as the first step.  Standing just outside of our destination isn’t good enough.  We have to take every single step.

Action plus effort equals progress.


My new motto.

I have the time.  I have the motivation.  I have the To Do lists.  I have the determination.


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